What Is Free Metallico?

Fashion Material from Italy

Free Metallico is fashion material in the form of a tube. It originates in Italy, and is made by weaving the highest quality copper fibers coated with high purity silver into a cylindrical shape.

A variety of products that are different in design and touch are available. This has been achieved by studying the stitch patterns of the copper fibers with a thickness of several tenths of a millimeter, as well as by weaving the copper fibers with the fibers of other material such as wool, hemp and rayon.

The products have not only a metal specific glossy luster and a brilliant color, but also the distinctive flexibility, allowing you to freely express the details of your design or motif.
These characteristics led to the naming of Free Metallico, which is coined from the English word "free" and the Italian word "Metallico" (meaning metal in English).

All Free Metallico products have been produced with the utmost care by professional craftsmen at the long established manufacturer located on the outskirts of Milan.
The products come in various colors that we have chosen carefully with the help of those professional craftsmen. We are sure that you can express the subtle details of your design while the color flavor of Italy is being reflected.

Free Metallico products are fabricated using copper fibers.
Oeko-Tex Standard 100, a global testing and certification system for textile products, has certified that the material for these copper fibers does not contain any substances that seem to be harmful to the environment and the human body, and no such substances have been added to the products during the stages of their manufacturing and finishing.
So, please use Free Metallico products without any worry in the manner that they come into contact with your valuable skin.

* A thread of Free Metallico consists of a copper fiber covered by a layer of silver (with a quality higher than silver 925) that is covered by a layer of polyester enamel.
Because the surface of metal is smoothly coated, your skin will not be affected.
* Rarely, the direct contact of Free Metallico on your skin may cause allergy. If you feel discomfort, we recommend that you design jewelry accessories that will not touch your skin directly.

Free Metallico is easy-to-use and fascinating fashion material.

Free Metallico lets you very easily create unique and original accessories, such as a necklace by inserting pearls, beads and wire into a Free Metallico tube or a flower corsage by stretching into the shape. A currently trendy long necklace can be produced by just putting beads into a mesh tube and tying both ends. You don't need any special tools. Free Metallico also is very easy-to-use fashion material for those who wish to start accessory making.
Free Metallico goes together very well with other materials such as satin, organza, velvet, spangles and denim. In Europe, Free Metallico products are popular not only as accessory material but also as fashion material for clothes, handbags and mules, as well as for interior decorations and wrapping ribbons.

Free Metallico can be used for various fashion items.

Free Metallico allows you to make beads accessories in a much more flexible manner than before, which will expand the scope of your work. Your own design can be applied not only to necklaces and corsages but also to handbags, knit and fancy goods. Free Metallico helps you enjoy your design with a variety of fashion items.

Free Metallico products are available at major craft stores in Japan.

In Japan, Free Metallico products are available at major craft stores anywhere except Okinawa Prefecture.

Free Metallico products are also available in the U.S.

Free Metallico products are available at Toho Shoji Inc. at 6th Avenue in New York.
Also available for purchase on the Internet.

990, Six Avenue New York N.Y. 10018, U.S.A
TEL : (212) 868 7465
FAX : (212) 868 7464

Please feel free to contact us for orders of the products in special colors.
E-Mail : tohoshojinyinc@nyc.rr.com

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Free Metallico products provide a wide variation in width and color.

Currently in the Japanese market, a total of 13 series of products are being sold, starting with the basic BASE series (5 widths and 29 colors). We will receive orders for a product of any one of the 64 colors shown on this site, with a minimum order length of 100 m (250 m for the 1 mm width product of the BASE series only).

In addition to those on our website, many other products are available. Please feel free to contact us for details.

A.R. MIKI Co., Ltd (exclusive import sales agent in Japan)
RM. 102 1F, Tosho Center Bldg. 2-1-9 Yanagibashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0052 Japan
Tel : 81 33865 8818
Fax : 81 33865 8885

E-mail : For inquiries in English:

officeitalia.merate@gmail.com  Ms. Oishi

For inquiries in Chinese or Korean:
miki-song@armiki.com  Ms. Song (Chinese)
miki-ky@armiki.com  Ms. Piao (Korean)


I want to know about Free Metallico accessory making courses.

You can learn how to make accessories using Free Metallico from scratch in the courses provided by Nihon Vogue Co., Ltd., one of the largest publishers in the handicraft industry in Japan.
Some Japanese instructors speak English fluently, so do not hesitate to apply for classes.

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